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Brands & Advertisers

Engage customers with 'high touch' brand interactions

Increase Conversion Rates

Boost cross- sell/ upsell rates with high-touch ‘on-the- package interactions, combined with personalized, contextually relevant offers, based on all available customer and order data

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Build Loyalty

Drive up customer satisfaction and loyalty with targeted, ‘real-time’ activity-based offers, delivered when customer is already happy and excited to receive the package


Improve Return on Ad Spend (ROAS).

Dynamic ads, placed at the time of
fulfillment, leverage the most current customer and order data for highly targeted outreach, leading to higher conversions and ROAS

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New, Innovative Channel, at Low Cost

Gain an effective new way to engage customers when long-term efficacy of digital channels is in decline; and at low incremental costs, by using an ‘already paid-for medium—the Package!

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Performance Management Tracking.

Trace end-to-end customer journey with ad-scan logs and link ad interactions with customer conversions.

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