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Craft Engaging Moments.

Unveil delight with every package

Serve your customers the most contextually relevant and personalized offers on-the-package and see your customer engagement and retention rates skyrocket.

There's a Missed Opportunity at The Last Mile of Supply Chain


An opportunity to engage customers using 10 Trillion square inches of packaging surface area.

Our phygital ad platform enables you to reach customers in endless ways. Using their most precious touch point – The Package!

Powerful Capabilities


Physical outreach powered by digital insights

pc (1).png

Precision targeting to the  segment of one

pc (1).png

On-the-package creatives for 100% engagement


ML-driven ad-matching for  unparalleled personalization


Dynamic life-beyond campaign relevance

pc (1).png

Personalization without privacy infringement

Endless Possibilities

ep (2).png


context-specific messages 

ep (2).png

Discounts, coupons & loyalty card offers 

ep (2).png

Dynamic product instructions 

ep (2).png

Product feedback & customer surveys

ep (2).png

Return guidelines & instructions

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Reach and Engage Customers

Target & Personalize Interactions

Manage & Analyze Performance

Reach customers like never before with innovative, on-the package’ creatives (QR codes, ads, and more)

Ensure the ‘highest levels’ of engagement with the package already in customer’s hands

Capitalize on the enjoyment and delight of receiving a package to maximize brand interactions

person engaged in online shopping.jpg

How it works?

Quick & Easy Implementation

Phased Rollout for Growth at Your Pace

Endless New


A Win for All

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Brands/ Advertisers

Engage customers with 'high touch' brand interactions

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Unlock a new avenue for 'package monetization'

online and offline


Create an 'ecosystem' for brands to advertise on 

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Take the 1st step towards maximizing the value of your packaging real-estate!

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