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Second Hand Store

Retailers & Publishers

Unlock a new avenue for package monetization

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Monetize the Supply Chain

Unlock a new avenue for revenue generation at the intersection of sales and fulfillment with ‘on-the-package advertising.

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Create an Advertising Ecosystem

Provide your brands with a platform to compete for advertising space on outbound packages.

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Manage & Run 1000’s of Campaigns

Promote your private labels or other brands per chosen criteria. Ensure campaign effectiveness by executing ad placement during fulfillment, thus easily linking ads with customer and order data.

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Engage Audiences Better

Engage customers in endless ways – discount coupons, product feedback surveys, loyalty card and more – with highly contextual offers, for better conversions.

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Analyze & Report Performance

Provide brands a complete view of their customer’s journey by linking ad-scans with actual conversions. Manage and optimize campaign spend for maximum ROAS, and marketing ROI.

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