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Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is Adpaka?

Adpaka is the first-ever Phygital Ad Platform that integrates physical advertising on shipping packages with digital insights. The platform is designed to enhance brand engagement, increase retention, and unlock new revenue streams for businesses.

2. How does Adpaka work?

Adpaka leverages already available order data and other customer information in supply chain systems to present highly personalized and context-relevant ads on shipping packages. The dynamic ads utilize QR codes to stay pertinent to customers beyond the life of the campaign.

3. What benefits does Adpaka offer for Brands and Publishers?

Adpaka provides Brands and Publishers with a number of benefits:

  • A brand-new channel to engage customers using on-the-package advertising.

  • The ability to reach customers with highly personalized and relevant ads. The platform uses already available order data and customer shipping information to ensure that customers receive custom offers without any privacy infringement.

  • A new avenue to monetize the supply chain by allowing brands to advertise on previously unused asset (the trillions of square inches of surface area of bare brown shipping packages).

  • A sustainable way to reach customers by enabling advertising on the packages – already en route to customers. At their moment of delight—when the package is received.

4. What targeting options are available on the Adpaka platform?

Adpaka offers precision targeting based on product category, demographics, behavioral characteristics, and purchase history, powered by an advanced machine learning-driven ad matching engine.

5. How can advertisers and brands benefit from Adpaka?

Advertisers and brands can create high-touch brand interactions, reach audiences in a creative and innovative format, and analyze campaign performance to optimize their strategies.

6. What metrics are used to measure ad performance on Adpaka?

Adpaka uses new metrics such as scan-thru rate, and cost per scan, to measure ad performance and
effectiveness in engaging customers.

7. What creative services does Adpaka offer?

Adpaka is a phygital ad platform that provides the ability to either build new creatives or leverage
existing ones, set up campaigns and automate campaign selection using ML driven algorithm, auto-

generate QR codes, and elegant package labels to enhance the visual appeal of shipping packages
and gain customer attention.

8. Is Adpaka environmentally friendly?

Adpaka emphasizes sustainability in advertising by promoting the usage of previously unused asset – the surface area of shipping packages – for customer outreach. Unlike print advertising that uses enormous amounts of paper, and digital advertising that “consumes vast amounts of energy” and contributes around 10-20% of the total internet infrastructure’s consumption, Adpaka leverages a previously unused medium- the surface of the shipping packages that are already on their way to customers to engage and interact.

9. What sets Adpaka apart from other advertising platforms?

Adpaka, the first-ever phygital ad platform, integrates on-the-package advertising with digital
insights, helping brands ensure privacy-conscious personalization using already available 1st party
customer data. The platform allows retailers and marketplaces to monetize their supply chain with
minimal additional expense or labor burden. The unique, highly personalized approach, at a time
when the customer is happy, ensures higher customer engagement and provides the potential for
increased conversions.

10. Does Adpaka work for both B2B and B2C businesses?

Yes. Whether you're shipping to consumers or other businesses, Adpaka can be used as part of an
effective relationship-building strategy that drives revenue for your brand.

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