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Adpaka launches its patented Phygital Ad Technology at NRF

Empowering retailers & brands to deepen customer engagement.

Arctic cold blast notwithstanding, New York City was abuzz with excitement last week. Retailers, industry visionaries, and technology providers, were all gathered in NYC for NRF 2024 – Retail’s Big Show to learn about industry trends, discover emerging technologies, as well as network & and collaborate with other industry leaders.


As we recover from the excitement of the last week and process the insights from various sessions, and energizing conversations with retailers and experts around the globe, there are three main takeaways.

Artificial Intelligence is REAL. 

2024 NRF clearly showcased that AI has moved well past the “Art of the Possible” visionary discussions and is becoming a critical part of actionable plans. Whether it is through using AI and Machine Learning to better understand customer behavior and offer curated personalized experiences; leveraging Generative AI and large language models (LLMs) for customer service through virtual chatbots, or innovative applications of computer vision to enhance in-store customer experiences and operations like in-time restocking, etc.


Operational Intelligence and Resilience are Top of Mind.

COVID may be a distant memory but the supply chain chaos it ensued is not forgotten. Industry incumbents and technology providers shared the ways they are leveraging technologies like RFID and barcodes to increase supply chain visibility, track inventory and reduce shrink; use data to forecast demand and manage global supply chains; and incorporating robotics and automation to optimize warehousing and fulfillment center operations and workforce planning.


Everything is about Elevating Customer Experience.  

Enhancing customer experience is center stage. With the fear of economic slowdown not completely in the rearview, inflation still at a much higher level than expected, and general consumer spending slowdown as pandemic cash overflow dries up, it was clear retailers are focused on providing a personalized, seamless experience to their customers across all channels. From smart checkout solutions for a touchless experience to discussions on the rise of Retail Media Networks and monetization of the same, to emerging leaders like Shein and Temu highlighting the importance of a strong social media presence for customer reach and trust, NRF 2024 was all about delivering superior customer experience across multiple touchpoints.


No wonder Adpaka, unveiled for the 1st time at NRF 2024, received a resounding welcome from industry professionals!


The solution’s innovative approach of engaging customers with dynamic, context-relevant, hyper-personalized offers, via e-commerce packages caught the attention of industry incumbents, retail savants, and tech investors alike. Discussions around the need for new ways to engage customers, especially amongst consumer privacy concerns, the demise of 3rd party cookies, and declining digital marketing efficacy, underscored the industry's validation for Adpaka.


NRF 2024 served as a pivotal launchpad for Adpaka, providing us with insights, validations, and collaborations. We are convinced of our ability to revolutionize customer engagement in the e-commerce space and anticipate an exciting journey ahead. If you missed the opportunity to meet us at NRF, we invite you to connect with our team for a comprehensive demo.

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