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10 Reasons Phygital Advertising is a No-Brainer!

Retail has never been for the faint of heart!

In a market flooded with options, and customer loyalty ephemeral, reaching and engaging customers is getting ever more difficult. Brands know that they need to win the personalization game if they want to have any chance at capturing customers’ attention amidst all the noise. Yet, all the means they have traditionally used to personalize interactions are under fire.

3rd party cookies are on the deathbed—hanging on by a thread!

While the deadlines for deprecating them fully have been delayed multiple times, brands know that there is no avoiding the issue. Sooner or later, they will be gone. One can already see its impact on the effectiveness of digital ads. Research shows that marketers expect to spend up to 25% more just

Privacy regulations are getting increasingly stringent

Retailers have for decades used data from 3 rd party data aggregators to enrich their own customers’ data but data privacy concerns as well as unclear ownership definitions and data security costs have struck a death knell to these practices.

Privacy conscious consumers are not only pushing back on vendors that are collecting or using their information without their explicit consent, but privacy regulations like GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) and CPRA (California Privacy Rights Act) are also limiting how that third-party data can even be used.

As brands look for ways to adapt to the cookie-less, privacy-conscious universe, they are adopting multiple strategies to reach customers: contextual advertising, buying ad space on Retail Media Networks, building out their own first-party and zero-party data, and more. The reality, however, is that most of these approaches are either only partially effective or are resource and time intensive such as bulking up your first-party and zero-party data or building CDPs.

Phygital advertising with Adpaka

is designed to overcome constraints associated with these approaches

by allowing you to engage with your customers with the most personalized and context-relevant interactions, in a sustainable and privacy-conscious way. All, by leveraging the ‘already in place” yet under-utilized asset – The Shipping Package.

So here are the 10 reasons why we think that Adpaka, the first-ever Phygital Ad Platform should be a key tool in every e-commerce retailer’s toolkit:

  1. Exponential Growth of E-commerce. Digital commerce is growing at a rapid rate all over the world. By 2026, it is estimated that over 250B packages will be shipped worldwide, offering 10 trillion-plus square inches of packaging real estate for advertising.

  2. A New Engagement Channel. Research shows that marketers are not ready for cookies’ demise and 57% of marketers lack an alternative approach. Adpaka offers brands a creative, new channel -- the shipping package -- to reach customers, cashing in on that moment of delight when they receive their order.

  3. Higher Customer Reach. On-the-package outreach ensures 100% customer engagement, unlike digital-only ads, which are ad-blocked by nearly 40% of internet users globally.

  4. Harness Your First-Party Data. The platform leverages already available first-party order and customer data, presenting customers with the most personalized and contextually relevant offers.

  5. Privacy Conscious Outreach. Using customer-generated order data, already available in company Order Management and Warehouse Management Systems, the platform ensures personalization without any privacy infringement.

  6. Sustainable Approach. 78% of consumers state they care about sustainability and 50% consider it to be one of the 4 key criteria in purchasing decisions. Adpaka enables retailers to reach customers sustainably by leveraging packages already enroute to customers with on-the - package advertising. Dynamic offers, tailored to each customer, are also a better alternative to static, one-size-fits-all inserts/flyers that usually end up in landfills.

  7. A New Revenue Channel. The platform enables retailers and 3 rd party logistics providers to monetize their supply chain. Retailers can offer a value-added service to the brands with much execution hassle by placing ads easily and at a negligible cost during the fulfillment process.

  8. Relevance Beyond Campaign. Dynamic offers, powered by digital insights, stay relevant beyond the life of the campaign as the Phygital platform simply links the QR code in the ad to the next best offer.

  9. Art of the Possible. The platform enables retailers to engage customers in endless ways – coupons, feedback surveys, product usage videos and more. Brands can gamify the whole experience.

  10. Conversion Tracking. One of the biggest challenges for marketers is to understand the return from their marketing efforts. The platform helps users easily track conversions by providing a complete and accurate log of ad scans allowing marketers to better understand their return on ad spend.

What is stopping you?

Get a personalized demo from our product experts and better connect with your customers by leveraging your e-commerce supply chain.

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