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Adpaka – The Connective Tissue in Customer Retention!

Congratulations! Your marketing tactics worked!

You managed to engage and convert a prospect into becoming a customer. Now on to the next one! And then the next. So on and so forth...

Most brand marketers know that it costs 5x to acquire a new customer than retain an existing one.  And that the odds of selling to a new prospect are only 5%-20% while that to an existing customer are 60%-70%; yet, when it comes to marketing budget, nearly 55% of marketers allocate more to acquisition marketing versus just 13% more on retention marketing.  

This lopsided focus on acquisition marketing seems even more confounding when you look at the long-term revenue multiple from even the small increases in customer retention.

Source: Shopify

But what’s stopping brands from retention marketing?

The reality is that retention marketing is hard. Building loyal, repeat customers requires consistently delivering superior, personalized experiences. However, most marketers either have very limited 1st party and zero-party data or lack access to it as it is disbursed across organizational systems outside of marketing purview.

Adpaka enables brand marketers to overcome that challenge by helping them leverage 1st party data ‘already available’ in their supply chain systems – the order and shipping data – to offer unmatched personalization, at the right time. Through the shipping package!

For the unversed, Adpaka is the first-ever Phygital Ad technology provider. Adpaka Platform allows brands and retailers reach their customers with highly context-relevant, and personalized, on-the-package messages, helping them cash in on their moment of delight.

Adpaka works by taking three key elements.

The Right Target. 

By targeting an existing customer, it is overcoming the 1st hurdle in marketing – brand awareness. The customer is already somewhat aware of the brand since he/she has purchased something with the brand. However, by providing a better, more custom experience, and using the shipping package for outreach, Adpaka maximizes customer reach and helps cement brand awareness to create a positive image in customers’ minds.

The Right Offer.

By using the already available order data, and combining it with the customer’s shipping information, and additional attributes such as past purchase history, etc., the ML-driven ad matching engine presents the most relevant and personalized offer to the customer. Marketers can engage customers in endless ways -- via discount offers/ coupons, loyalty club memberships, product usage instructions, feedback surveys, or more. The flexible platform supports all, even enabling gamification.

The Right Time.  

With on-the-package outreach, Adpaka helps cash in on the moment of delight by reaching customers when they are happy, receiving their precious package. A study by LoyaltyOne showed that 94% of customers who received an unexpected reward/offer from a company experienced more positive sentiment about the company, and 34% cited that the experience led them to give more business to the company.  Adpaka generates that positive emotion in the customer with its on-the-package approach, leading to happier, more satisfied customers.

By bringing together the holy trinity of the right target, the right offer, and the right time, Adpaka helps build positive experiences, improving retention, loyalty, and thereby customer lifetime value.

Jessica Liu, a Principal Analyst at Forrester Research once wrote that personalization is like dating.  Just like in dating you don’t know everything about each other, and it takes time to learn each other’s quirks, likes, and dislikes—and click. Similarly, takes time to build trust with customers, where they are willing to share details about themselves, so over time you can better personalize their journeys and enhance their experience.

Adpaka does the same when it comes to customer retention. By helping you better leverage data in your supply chain – your Order Management and Warehouse Management Systems -- and combine it with customer-provided shipping or location data-- it gives you the ability to offer context-relevant, personalized interactions based on their in-the-moment activity. Thus, helping you deliver a delightful post-purchase customer experience.

So why is Adpaka not yet a part of your marketing toolkit? 

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